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10000 Gestures

Inspired by the reading of Alfred Gell's text 'On Ornamental Art', the work investigates the repetitive obsession of motifs, as well as the tension between the will to repeat and the impossibility of repetition. Each drawing is made up of 100 repetitions of the same movement. The juxtaposition of lines, accumulating a series of small errors, ultimately forms what resembles a precise calligraphic stroke. Inquiring into the realm of the symbolic, the whole piece is reminiscent of a sort of vocabulary or alphabet of expressive gestures.


'Steps' is a performative drawing made by leaving graphite and casein footprints as the artists walked along the paper, laid horizontally. The resulting drawing is then installed hanging from the ceiling, resambling a waterfall in which footprints unnervingly go up.

200 Gestures: Line - Dot - Volume

The work addresses a reflection on the intersection of the languages of drawing, performance and sculpture. The main component of the work is pencil, a material traditionally associated to drawing. The artist holds a pencil (which conceptually represents a line), breaks it in half (conceptually representing a dot), and then places the two halves in a polystyrene box. This action is repeated 200 times. As pencil halves pile up they build a volume, moving therefore into the sculpture realm. The work also poses a dialogue between contemporary art practices and historical art movements, such as body art, minimalism, process art and concept art.


This series consists of 12 small sized performative drawings. They are made by performing deboulé movements on pieces of paper. The movements are traced with graphite powder.

Smashed Bouquets

This series consists of 12 small sized performative drawings. They are made by smashing a sticky mixture of graphite against the paper on the wall. The violent action of throwing and hitting the wall contrasts with the beautiful image it generates, which recalls a flower bouquet.

Smashed Bouquet 1. 47 x 30 cm. Graphite on paper
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