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Braiding Together

A participative performative drawing performed as part of the solo show 'Drawing is Action', at Centro de Arte La Regenta. ‘Braiding Together’ is a participative performative drawing that aims to question the notion of 'authorship' and the individualistic attitude that has a negative impact in societies by emphasising collectivity and collaboration. The participants created a collaborative drawing by following the rules below:


-Work in pairs.

-Take a diagonal step away from the paper and draw a curved line.

-Approach the paper and bend down as you continue to draw the rest of the line, allowing your partner to do step two as he/she overtakes you.

- Move forward by braiding your lines until you reach the end of the paper.

While following these instructions, the participants were also alowed to improvise to some extent, for example varying the speed they moved at, or the intensity, length and trajectory of their marks.


Videographer: Yon Bengoechea


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria




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