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Step Naked into the Garden of Virtual Delights

Artists: Eriko Kawai, Pei-Fen Lee, M.Lohrum, Jorge Martin, Jack Marder and Aleksandra Koson.

We found inspiration for this project in Bosch's triptych, 'The Garden of Earthly Delights,' wherein he depicts paradise, hell, and the actual world. Upon viewing this painting from a modern perspective, we instantly found an interesting idea to explore; our perception of it is somewhat shifted, since social relationships have been displaced today from the historical frame of the public garden or park to social media and the virtual space, but we can envision heaven and hell nowadays in virtual places.


In 'Step Naked into the Garden of Virtual Delights,' six artists from different backgrounds work together in this collective installation. The main features of our individual practices are still recognisable, but all the pieces establish a dialogue together to generate a physical space that works as an interface between the virtual and the analogue world. We have been exploring the idea of a garden/public place in the computer age - both in the virtual and physical sense - for this event.

Distorted Park (excerpt) - M.Lohrum
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