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Based on a Fake Story

At the beginning of March 2020, M.Lohrum performed at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, as part of the international performance congress Acción Spring(t). A few months before that, she conceived and planned her site-specific performative drawing 'Based on a Fake Story'. By that time she could not imagine the work would end up almost being time-specific as well, and the title would sound that ironically contradictive to the real situation.
The performance was based on a fake story according to which the FineArt college of the Universidad Complutense had been originally projected to be a hospital. As part of her hospital scenography, she decided to wear disposable white latex gloves and a white outfit, which are quite rare and uncommon elements in her practice.
She performed on a piece of paper with the same proportions of the exhibition space. On top of it, she placed 12 bandage rolls, corresponding to the real location of 12 existing columns in the room, as well as 12 small ink bottles next to them but outside the paper. She then injected the ink with a syringe in the bandage rolls and unrolled them, one by one, placing them on the paper randomly. After she finished, she laid on the wet bed of bandages for a while, letting the weight of her body to produce a double print of the image, both on the paper and on her outfit.
Barely one week later, the Spanish government declared the alarm state in the whole country due to coronavirus. The situation was, and still is, really serious, especially in Madrid. The artist has declared her thoughts are with everyone who had or are suffering these circumstances, not only in Madrid and Spain but worldwide.

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