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New Flesh Series

Inspired by Rebecca Horn’s work, as well as the philosophy of Jean-Luc Nancy - which posits the body as something subject to constant evolution and redesign by both the natural and the artificial - the series ‘New Flesh’ explores the making of performative drawings through the use of objects made specifically for each performance. These objects act as ‘prostheses’, elongating the body and expanding its capabilities while acting as a constraint in the creative process.




Matsutani's Pond

'The work is inspired by 'A Matrix' by Takesada Matsutani. It poses a collaboration between artist and Nature. To make it, M.Lohrum worked on a frame containing water and six volcanic rocks, which she placed horizontally on the grass in the middle of a garden so that it resembled a pond. Then, she wiped a block of Chinese calligraphy ink on the rocks, causing the ink to gradually spread through the water until it covered the canvas inside the frame. Once the performance was over, she left the frame outdoors for a week, allowing Nature to do its part. When the water had evaporated with the help of the sun and wind, the canvas revealed the resulting drawing.


The Trace that is Left

The project reflects on the new behaviours and circumstances - hygiene habits, social relations, mourning, etc. - that we have had to face and internalise in our daily lives during the pandemic caused by Sars-Cov 2.  The project proposes a reflection on these issues through a series of pieces, in which routines and objects related to the pandemic have been extrapolated to the creative process through which the works have been made, making a poetic reference to the impact of the pandemic on our daily lives.


'20 seconds'

'2 Meters'

'One more Down'


'Put some Lipstick On'

'To Dust We Shall Return'

'One more Sunset'

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