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Wall Drawing

A participative performative drawing performed as part of the group show 'Fenda', at Fundaçao Eugenio de Almeida.

‘Wall Drawing’ aims to question the notion of 'authorship' and the individualistic attitude that has a negative impact in societies by emphasising collectivity and collaboration. It involved the audience in the making of a collective, open-air performative drawing. The performance had a playful character, associated with the ideas of play and sports practice, which relate to health and fun. The audience was invited to dip tennis balls in Chinese black paint, then throw them against the wall, creating a mark with each throw. The marks on the wall gradually overlap in a random collective composition of traces as participants throw the balls, all simultaneously and multiple times, contributing to a rather chaotic and energetic atmosphere.

Video and Sound: Nuno Veiga

Évora, Portugal.


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