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Duplicate Archaeologies

In September and October 2019 M.Lohrum participated in the Every Me Residency, curated by Mustafa Boga, where she created a site-specific performative drawing. The residency and the final exhibition took place at Adana, Turkey. 

M.Lohrum usually creates work in response to either the architectural features of the exhibition venue, or the history and culture of the context where she exhibits. For the work she created for Every Me residency, M.Lohrum found inspiration in the Adana Archaeology museum, where she researched the stamp seals from the chalcolithic and early bronze Ages. These seals present geometrical designs and were used as a sign of identity related to family surnames, which are common attributes with the Pintaderas Guanches: the ancient aborigine society that used to inhabit Tenerife, the island where M.Lohrum comes from.

Thus she decided to create a performative drawing work reproducing one of the geometrical designs she saw in the museum. The work addresses the similarities  between two cultures that nevertheless were very distant both in geographical and temporal terms.

M.Lohrum replaces the paper she usually works on by a piece of cotton fabric typical from Adana, and the graphite powder by the pepper puree she could see many times drying under the sun during her stay in the city.

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