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Nomadic Studio

This performative drawing workshop run by M.Lohrum was part of ‘Studio Complex’ programme, curated by Alex Schady in association with Tate Exchange. Central Saint Martins' students and alumni were invited to re-invent the concept of 'studio' in this one week event.

In a big city like London where it is hard and expensive to get a studio, this workshop explores the possibility of using a public building as a studio space to facilitate spontaneous collaborations. The audience could explore and experience drawing as a collaborative art practice, and reflect on how broad the concept of drawing is nowadays.

Attendees participated in seven exercises, each of them with different rules such as drawing while wearing a sleeping mask, using the artist’s body as a drawing tool or exploding balloons filled with graphite.

London, January 2018. Blavatnik Building, Tate Modern.

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