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Pollock Re-Enacted

Pollock Re-Enacted revisits the work of one of the main exponents of abstract expressionism from a feminine and collaborative perspective, in light of the contemporary practice of performative drawing. The work questions the thin line between drawing and painting.


Together with two other female  participants, I created a work aesthetically reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's, the paradigm of the 20th century male artist. The three performers line up in front of the paper and create marks on it, repeatedly throwing against it an object closely linked to the feminine; embroidery threads, which are dipped again and again in black acrylic paint. Unlike Pollock's work, the support on which this piece is made is placed vertically, on the wall, thus alluding to the change of perspective in this re-reading of his color field paintings. In "Pollock Re-Enacted", masculinity is replaced by femininity, individualism by collaboration and the figure of the artist by that of the collective.

Pollock Re-Enacted was originally performed as part of the solo show 'Performative Traces', and was shortlisted as a moving image work for the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2022. It was also re-performed at Canning Gallery for the show 'Field of Action: Performative Drawings and Paintings' in 2022.

Galería Manuel Ojeda, 2021.

© M.Lohrum

Pollock Re-Enacted: Blue and Gold, performed at Canning Gallery

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