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Dance of Potentiality

While the world was locked down due to the pandemic, Resonance Collective (Pearlie Frisch, Jojo Taylor and M.Lohrum) made a collaborative exhibition project to show the new ways of producing works they found during these uncertain times. 

Text on the Gallery's window:

                                 This year almost everyone has been forced to look into themselves to search for their inner potentiality, while the

                                 outer world was descending into uncertainty. 

                                 Waiting latently for when the conditions are right a spark can ignite the potentiality that sits in a space of hope.

                                 Embrace this dance of potentiality for growing something that has always been sitting within.

M.Lohrum's contribution to the project was a moving image work entitled ‘It’s Crunch Time’. The work is a performative drawing work that explores an unconventional way of mark making. Charcoal sticks were displayed on a piece of paper in the shape of a crack, that the artists then crunched by stepping on them. This action is repeated from side to side until charcoal is almost reduced to powder. The cracking sound produced during the performance constitutes an important part of the work, drawing attention to an aspect of the drawing process that is often overlooked. The title of the piece, the initial crack shape and the crunching action and sound echo each other.

2020, Hard Cover Art Gallery, Zúrich, Switzerland.

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