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Drawing Interstices: Building Social Images

In this participative performance Isabel Bonafé and M.Lohrum combined their individual practices (interactive image and performance drawing) in a collaboration with the audience of Tate Exchange.

The audience was invited to sit with the artists, and to have a one to one interaction completely based on mark making with M.Lohrum. A flat mic was attached to the piece of paper and recorded the sounds produced by the drawing tools, which were automatically transferred to a screen and turned into data.

This data was the input through which bits of seascapes (natural borders) randomly
interrupted an image of Dover (The British border) on a screen and modified it acting as visual noise.

Therefore, in this activity the artists and the audience explored how social interactions and exchange can lead into political images.

This performance was part of the 'Come Together: Art and Politics in a Climate of Unrest' programme, curated by Alex Schady in collaboration with Tate Exchange.

Tate Exchange, Tate Modern.
January, 2019.
© Isabel Bonafé and M.Lohrum

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