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Degree Show One: Art. Central Saint Martins - By Herb Shellenberger (2017)

Madeleine Lohrum Strancari has developed a practice across drawing and moving image while embedding performance within her use of these media. In Long Jump, the artist creates a large-scale drawing by running across a long sheet of paper on the ground, sliding on graphite dust in two lines along its length. Video captures the performance’s eleven-minute duration, providing an aerial view of the artist’s process. The drawing was displayed horizontally on a long wall, providing an uncanny orientation between the footprints and the viewer’s perspective.

Explorers is a rear projected video that shows bodies advancing towards and retreating from a partially opaque surface. Their forms dissipate and reappear due to their closeness to the surface and they provide a haptic connection to the viewer through outstretched hands and body parts that touch this screen and reveal their form.

With both works, the artist examines the uncertainty and precarity of life in our neoliberal culture. She interrogates this situation through the site of the body, by engaging in repetitive movements and through simple motifs, to reflect the strained and sometimes desperate relation people have with culture, labour and life in general.

Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2020 Awards Announced (2021)

'For the first time in the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize’s history, the First Prize of £8,000 was awarded to a performative drawing: M.Lohrum’s You are It. Between drawing, installation and performance, this collaborative piece challenges the individual notion of authorship by emphasising collectivity and collaboration. Participants were invited to follow these rules: ‘Walk along the paper. Draw circles with your arm. Stop below the lights. Resume your march when other participant touches your shoulder’ for the performance documented in film in the exhibition. As a participative drawing You Are It has also been adapted to accommodate safe social distancing for participants at Cooper Gallery at the University of Dundee and at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London. 

The selectors applauded the collective embrace of M.Lohrum’s work. “The invitation to members of the public to participate as anonymous makers and the work’s dependency on collaboration between strangers felt timely and necessary speaking to the power of art bring people together” says Frances Morris.'

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Re-Thinking the Trace  -  Exhibition Catalogue
Re-Thinking the Trace (2018)

'In this exhibition, M.Lohrum points out the blurred boundaries between contemporary art media, along with the unstable and changeable nature of both artistic creations itself and the social context of the contemporary subject. These performances involve crafting unique works intimately dependent on each exhibition space and participative interaction. The show creates a physical and intellectual framework for the audience to re-consider historically established conventions, which no longer make sense for contemporary art. Concepts such as ‘space mediation’, ‘trace’, ‘exhibition’, ‘art media’ or ‘authorship’,  can be re-examined by witnessing and experiencing new ways of producing and reflecting on 21st Century art.''

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TEA acoge ‘Re-Thinking the Trace’, una exposición de M.Lohrum basada en el dibujo performativo (2019) (ES)

"Mediante el dibujo performativo, la realización de obras únicas estrechamente vinculadas a este espacio expositivo y de la participación del público en la creación de una de ellas, la muestra genera un marco físico e intelectual para reconsiderar y reevaluar ciertos conceptos convencionales históricamente establecidos que carecen de sentido para el arte del siglo XXI. Es decir, que le ofrece al público la posibilidad de repensar el significado de nociones como la mediación del espacio, el trazo, la exposición, las disciplinas artísticas o la autoría de la obra."

Consulta el artículo completo aquí.

Una ruta de Norte a Sur con parada obligatoria en 7 exposiciones (2018) (ES)

"La performance y el site-specific se compaginan en “Re-Thinking the Trace”, dando como resultado una exposición en donde el espacio expositivo se re-actualiza, revista y, sobre todo, re-activa. Así, los dibujos de Lohrum, elaborados en el transcurso de diversas performances y condicionados por el espacio para el que se han elaborado, rompen con los límites estáticos, categóricos y tradicionales de la Historia del Arte."

Consulta el artículo completo aquí.

TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes presenta la publicación Re-Thinking the Trace, de M.Lohrum (2019) (ES)

"TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, centro de arte contemporáneo del Cabildo de Tenerife, presenta este viernes [día 24], a las 19:00 horas, Re-Thinking the Trace, una publicación que recoge el proyecto expositivo que la artista tinerfeña M.Lohrum mostró en TEA y en los espacios TEA de Candelaria y Garachico. Este nuevo catálogo incluye un texto del profesor y director del Departamento de Bellas Artes de la Universidad de La Laguna, Ramiro Carrillo; otro escrito de M.Lohrum e información visual de la adaptación del proyecto a los diferentes espacios expositivos."

Consulta el artículo completo aquí.

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