© 2013 by M.Lohrum. 


My practice is inspired by the uncertain and changeable nature of our social/political context, which I feel to be strongly related to the essence of artistic creation. I am interested in challenging boundaries between media. Every work is a performance, but also a drawing, a video and an installation. All of these media have a fragile and changeable nature which relates to my set of theoretical concerns.

​My creative process is an oscillation between pairs of opposite concepts, such as intuition-reasoning, personal-universal experience, figurative-abstract, presence-absence, light-shadow, or what is controlled-what is not; exploring the possibilities in between these concepts. The making of my drawings is often based in a repetitive movement inspired by personal experiences from my childhood or adolescence, which could be comparable to anyone else's experiences. It also usually involves the use of objects which have been linked to certain moments of my personal life and which now have become tools that facilitate a dialogue between my body, a particular space and the resulting work.

Mediation of space is also an important idea in my practice, wherein concepts such as time, body and space play an important role. This interest in mediation of the space lies on the idea of geography as an artificial construction based on the balance of different hegemonic global powers operating over the individual, and it is materialized in site-specific works where the combination of my performance (which is usually half controlled/half accidental) and the specific features of a particular space determine decisively the final appearance of the work. In other words, the resulting work is always a combination of the trace of my body performing on the paper and the specific features of a particular space, which are also registered on the paper. Drawing, video and performance are different devices of registration that leave an indexical trace of the spaces I produce with my body.