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Stable Sounds

In October 2018 M.Lohrum participated in the D2P Residency, curated by Ram Samocha, where she created two site-specific performance drawings. The residency and the final performance event took place at the Copper Dollar Studios, Brighton.  The venue used to be a stable, and its refurbishment involved the use of pieces of wood and metal objects that were recovered from the ruins of the original building and integrated into the new one.

Both works were created in response to the historical memory of the venue.  M.Lohrum used stable related objects such as horseshoes and a whip to explore sound and markmaking with non traditional drawing materials and to make references both to her past and art history.

Stable Sound 1. Bamoha.

In this performance drawing M.Lohrum used horseshoes to create marks on a piece of stone paper. The horseshoes were hung from a metal hook on the ceiling, which was originally used to tie horses. Two pieces of black string play the role of the reins, which the artists used to conduct the horseshoes as if they were puppets, in an increasing rhythm that is reminiscent of the sound of a galloping horse.

Stable Sound 2. Murakami's Whip

In this performance drawing M.Lohrum used a whip to break down a long piece of paper hung from the beams in the ceiling, as she made her way through the space. In contrast with Stable Sound 1, this performance conveys a sense of violence to the audience due to the action of hitting and the loud noise produced.

With this piece of work M.Lohrum refers and re-interprets Saburo Murakami's work from the 50s 'Passing Through' in the light of performance drawing contemporary practice and site-specificity.

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