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Shadow Theatre: Embodying Improvisation

This workshop run by M.Lohrum was based on performance and improvisation. It was part of 'What is an Art School?' programme, curated by Alex Schady in association with Tate Exchage. The workshop was free to attend and suitable for all publics. Some of the participants were artists who do not usually work in the medium of performance, and some did not have any professional relation to art whatsoever.

M.Lohrum created a paper screen behind which attendees were invited to perform daily actions with a wide scope for improvisation. The screen had two purposes. On one hand it acted as a barrier between the performers and the audience, creating an intimate space were they could feel encouraged to perform without feeling directly observed, since their figures appeared blurred out and anonymous. On the other hand it was aimed to produce ghostly images that embodied presence and absence simultaneously, since they appeared and disappeared as the participants approached or step back from it.

London, January 2017. The Switch House, Tate Modern.

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